Sunday, April 23, 2006

Warm feet; stripey feet!

They're done!

I now have to obtain/create an outfit to wear them with, I suppose.

Next, baby hat number 1:

I adore this hat shape, it's incredibly easy to make up, as long as you don't mind grafting, and am convinced it will look fabulously cute on a rugrat, but am not entirely convinced it won't need a good long period of "growing in to"!

And yes, I will now show you my winter hat-to-be... albeit with the danger of becoming a one woman Grumperina Knitalong. It's Odessa, from Magknits.

Now for a good bit of net-surfing, to choose my next socks - I'm thinking either these or these - any other suggestions?


Jaichan said...

Wow!!! The Jaywalkers look fantastic. Congrats! I love the odessa, too. That is a project on the list of many of us East Coast knitters. Did you see Frozen Extremites' hat?
I think you should knit the not cable socks. I like those,

Lynne said...

Yeh, there was a pile of us doing that pattern. It's simple, but ever so clever all that the same time.

I think most of us ditched the beads tho. Yours looks loverly!

FrozenExtremities said...

i haven't braved the Odessa with beads, I keep finding reasons not to! I've knit 2 so far, they're so mych fun to knit. I should probably suck it up and try the beaded one!